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Changing Careers at any age can be difficult but in your 50s...

The transition from Cabin Crew to Self employed London walking Tour Guide has been like any journey; it has included some highs and some painful lows (is that another blister). For a start when you work for someone else you can be sure as long as you turn up to work and do what you are there to do you will be paid. Not so when you take tours for a living as all manner of things can interfere: train strikes, weather, last minute issues in people's lives. Sometimes it feels like I am being chucked around in a dingy at high seas. But as I slurp my morning coffee I read with smiling face the blog that one of my regular walkers Caroline has written. Caroline has set herself an enormous task of doing something every single day. She goes to the theatre, cinema and walks like mine. I want to ask her if she ever fancies a night with her feet up but I get too carried away listening to the latest stories. At the last count she tells me she has 107 countries reading this London blog.

I have to thank a solid base of people like Caroline who come back again and again. Yesterday she braved the very wet weather. With heavy rain and wind it really was a trial but they all braved it out. The end of the walk was spent in Root 25 in Bow which is an incredible gem of a cafe with lovely staff and wonderful chocolate cake served with ice cream. We got the last table in the place it is SOOOO popular.

Caroline's blog is called 'London Still Rocks' and I am absolutely 100% in alignment with that. I keep wondering when the enthusiasm for London will wane but after 47 years it's still here. I think it's because London is like British weather, even if one day might not be good you wake up next day and the sun is shining.

It's amazing how the streets can come alive with a tour. Let me explain. You may walk down a pleasant but uninteresting street with little or no notice. We are all looking out for markers of interest "ooh look, that restaurant looks nice, oh there is a lovely little nickynackie shop or look at the stained glass windows on that church" but rows of mews houses whilst pretty give no clues to their history and hence hold little excitement for most people.

But wait, this house is somewhere that Gandhi stayed when he came to London. What here? In this area you say, but why? A pub with outside seating on a busy road holds the secret of undercover suffragette meetings. This alleyway leads to a meeting place for famous female anarchists. That is when the city comes alive.

Take a look at Caroline's blog it really is fun: and don't forget to book a tour with me and you might just come upon our Irish blogger with a penchant for experiencing London whatever the weather!

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