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Meet me at the ravens head, a stones throw from Old Street

From the witches whose potions were sought in lieu of a doctors visit to the tales of ghosts who restlessly pace the cobbled alleyways.

Mary and Elizabeth's insatiable thirst for religious cleansing and the stench of a city inhabited by those who were not dead but smelt worse than if they were.

On the 29th October at 3.30pm I invite you to come with me if you dare. We take flight through the alleyways of Clerkenwell and Bunhill burial grounds. From there to Smithfields meat market and on to the passages by St Pauls. The ruins of Greyfriars church and down to the river of decapitated heads, the Thames. I'll take you to Traitors gate and on to execution dock.

This is not for the fainthearted. My longest walk, my darkest stories, I delve into London's more evil and morbid history. Of course we keep women at the heart of what we do. Their power, their weakness and their bravery.

Tickets available on this website. £10 each

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