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One rule for them another for us?

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

About two weeks ago, when we first got to hear about the lockdown parties in No 10 last Christmas, I wrote a blog highlighting a fundamental question which was being overlooked in all of the outcry. For many reasons I decided not to publish the blog online. But my main argument was as a species us homo sapiens have on the whole, an inner desire to stay alive and when our very being is threatened we have an instinct to protect ourselves. So my question, that I felt was being overlooked was ‘why did MPs and parliamentary staff feel that it was safe enough to attend a party at the height of a deadly pandemic? Was it because they knew more than we did? Perhaps they had already been briefed on the spin associated with the virus and knew it wasn’t as deadly as mainstream media was making out? I am happy to see that someone far more articulate than I has raised the same concerns. Neil Oliver the highly respected Archeologist has come out and said the same thing in the last couple of days.

I am happy to be socially conscious and care about my fellow woman/man but what I will not do is hand back what few freedoms I have in return for totalitarian control of my life. I am frankly horrified that a conservative government, known for its stance of small state policies has presided over the most draconian set of measures ever introduced into our daily lives.

It cannot go on and we the people must stand strong.

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