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September in London is open house!

Many usually closed buildings are opening their doors. It's simply fascinating to see behind the scenes.

I don't know about you, but I am not going to be called to the bar at any time soon, hence I will not be using this great library but I can have a peak behind the doors on the 10th September and would like to invite you to join me.

I normally go past the building, pointing out the relevance in the world of law and talking about the first woman barrister Helena Normanton. It is combined with Fleet Street Femmes which is a tour through the murky world of newspapers and a dip into an area which has been on the map since the early 13th century.

Breeches wearing, sword wielding, crime boss Moll Cutpurse lived here and became known as one of the original roaring girls.

A love sick baker wanted to impress his bride to be and ended up copying a church which became the wedding cake we know today!

The dingy dark passage in which Scrooge operated his pilfering business is on route and a church which will simply take your breath away will be visited too. If you think you have seen beauty in a visit to St Pauls or Westminster then I urge you to come with me to a simple Catholic Church which has the most incredible glass windows I have ever seen in my life.

We will also pass by the oldest pub (allegedly) in London complete with legal cat.

What more do I need to say to encourage you to join me on 10th? Get over to my website and book on my tour. If you cannot come on the 10th then please note I will be doing this tour on 29th without the Lincoln inn library being open.

Alternatively you can join me in another part of London. Browse my page and choose whichever one speaks to you!

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