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What are you doing this Saturday?

Does highlighting the achievements of one sex make you anti the other? A huge resounding NO is my answer to that!

I can say emphatically these are not anti men guided walks but I am going some way toward addressing the big gapping hole that history leaves when it records only the achievements of men. Don’t you want to know about some incredible women who have actually made a huge impact on London and the life that we now know?

Ironically at school we weren’t taught about the female spies who were parachuted behind enemy lines and lost their lives for our freedom. Perhaps you heard briefly or in the context of collective Tudor history what Queen Elizabeth I the last Tudor Queen did for our society as we know it today. When you think of trendsetters do we automatically think of men?

History is written by the victors and sorry guys but the victors have almost always been men. But there have been men like Tacitus the Roman Senator & Historian who was able to write as objectively as he could about the impact of Queen Boudicca on London and liberal MP Henry Fawcett who proposed alongside fellow MP John Stuart Mill that women should get a vote and were given a bloody nose in the process (metaphorically of course).

This isn’t purely a history walk round London either. Let’s face it, Blue Badge guides study for years to do this thing and their knowledge is immense.

Personally I first gained an interest in the depiction of history whilst studying for a Culture & Media degree in 2006. I knew then, through my learnt studies and my own research for my dissertation that what we record and aurally tell as history is as subject to interpretation and bias as our daily lives in 2022.

As we make our way round London’s back streets and some of the more famous buildings we shall be exploring some alternative historical information, much of which has only been verified in recent years.

A guided walk with a touch of flamboyance, drama and philosophical leanings. We will combine this with a desire for exercise in the fresh air (a good habit acquired during covid) and a renewed interest in connecting with other human beings and you have a wonderful few hours walking round bits of London you may have just passed without thought in previous years and making friends in the process.

Join me on my first walk this Saturday! Book via my contact page

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