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What is Buddies on Budget in London?

Over the last month I have established a project which has spoken to my soul. It’s called Buddies on Budget in London or as I like to call it Bob in London.

Bob is a passion project of mine, born out of a need to help people and I suppose if I am honest help myself too. It’s a group which is all about connecting people here in London, banishing the blues and not spending too much money in the process.

I had no idea how it would go when I started it, but a month later we are almost 500 members and so far we have been to watch Shakespeare in the open air, wandered around Belgravia in Bloom and attempted the London loop.

All the events have either been free or have cost very little and my project has seen me connect with some truly marvellous people.

I have been privy to some heart wrenching conversations where individuals have told me privately that my group has given them a lifeline after a very challenging time.

Let's be clear, the last three years have been pants. In addition to a heightened sense of anxiety for many people post pandemic, there has also been an unlearning of those life skills which help connection, namely talking. The ability to communicate has taken a hit. That is where I come in.

As an ex airline stewardess, talking has been a skill I have thankfully become quite good at. I find it easy to connect with most people but what I have noticed in the last 3 years since I have been in civvy street is that a lot of others do not have such a skill in their toolbox.

So my main mission if I am honest, is to bring people together, get them trying new things because it’s a fact that as we get older we get scared or just lazy when it comes to new things and when you push yourself in unknown directions your confidence grows. Not to mention with a cost of living crisis I am well aware that funds are limited for things like socialising.

Whilst the group is aimed at people in London I have also had a few tourists pop in for the day and frankly that is great. If you knew that your holiday in the greatest city in the world included you connecting with locals and spending a night making friends would that not make your holiday even more enriching?

My plan is to grow the group, achieve sponsors (companies and organisations who are concerned about mental health and welfare here in the capital and want to help). Eventually I would then like to send BOB all over the world. Because we all know it’s not just in London people are struggling.

Sign up here: or and next time you are in London come along to one of the events.

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