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Whitechapel Women 10th December 2pm 

 Welcome to  Flockless But Free. Guided London walking tours with a difference. Celebrating women's lives and their achievements. 

What happens when you reclaim

Pride is what happens and with that pride comes a sense of celebration. Wonderful women throughout the ages and in every part of London have been part of the growth and evolution of this amazing city. I tell you their stories - it's as simple as that....

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Explore London's East End

Bow Mural
Docks in Bermondsey


Whitechapel High Street



Book of the Month!

Philippa Gregory is an incredible writer with a back catalogue of famous novels made into films like the Other Boleyn girl and A Respectable Trade.  I was a delight for me to see that she has now produced a non-fiction book  which is a culmination of her life's work. The book is called 'Normal Women' and highlights some fantastic achievements by, well, normal women!  Hugely exciting for me and I already have my copy. To get your copy click on the image at the side.
Deloitte Employees

Thank You Deloitte
On International Women's Day

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Testimonials from Whitechapel Tour
Ernst & Young Tour
Mayfair Tour
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Photo of Trouble Club Private Group Tour

The Trouble Club - Private Tour

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First AirBnB review
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