Like so many people, my life in 2020 changed beyond belief. I was working for a major airline and had been in the job for 23 years. It was March, I was in  Japan for work. I arrived to a country open then it locked down within 24 hours. Hysteria spread throughout the world like a wildfire fuelled by a highly oxygenated media. Something didn't sit right with me. It still doesn't but that is for another time.


I had been planning to set up a Crew Radio station since 2019 which was expedited due to the circumstances. In the meantime I started to do various jobs. I recorded a VoiceOver for a film, got a role as an Actor, worked for the census. Dug trenches etc for a Landscape Gardener, did painting and decorating, worked in bars, started selling t-shirts (see home page) and gave talks on travelling the world.


Suddenly it dawned on me that I was flockless. In fact I had always been flockless since I was a child. I never hung with a crowd, had a hood, saw the world as others did. In the frenzy that was the job hunt. I asked myself why I wanted to tie myself to another long term, all consuming job. Instead I saw my life going in a different direction. I would go where the work took me, yes I would be flockless but I would be 



The story so far.....

Alice Walker said 'Hard times require furious dancing'


Hi everyone, Mandy here!  2020 was the year I said goodbye to the job I held for 23 years as a Flight Attendant visiting all parts of the globe. Did I think for one moment I would be facing into such an uncertain future at the beginning of 2020?  Hell no , but I started doing stuff I hadn't done in decades, painting houses, drawing and cartooning and then I did some things I had never done before like setting up a radio station, giving travel talks and working on a steam train. I found quite by chance that many people loved my cartoon sheep and my travel chats too. Then in 2021 I got employed as a tour guide. 

Hard times require more than furious dancing (sorry Alice)  they require bravery.  Welcome Panky the sheep (named after Emmeline Pankhurst) because being a black sheep requires bravery and bravery is how we grow.....