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One day we will not be defined by what we own ... 

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Herstory London Tours

If you are looking for your kings and Queens of England Blue Badge knowledge I am not your woman.  However if you want to know about my London; the London of women who have kicked arse then I am your guide!

Photograph Dave Morse
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Women of Mayfair from Monarchs to Mistresses & More.

Mayfair is not an area normally associated with trendsetters but during it's time it has played host to some characters of distinction.. 


Begins and Ends at Green Park Tube station Stratton Street exit.  Approx 4 miles. 

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Movers & Shakers  of Marylebone

From the most beautiful love story to the downfall of the British Government.  Women of interest abound in this wonderful district.

This takes in the Christmas lights of Oxford St


Begins at Bakers Street and finishes in Marble Arch Tube  Approx 4.5 miles 

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Whitechapel Wimmin!

From Anarchists to Philanthropists.  Women of the East End have more grit than a John Wayne cowboy film. We discover Whitechapel's secret past and enjoy Stepney Green and Spitalfields colour pasts.


Begins at Whitechapel tube . Ends at Liverpool Street tube. Approx 3 miles

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Coming soon Bloomsbury literary  babes & Fitzrovia's fashionistas

We take a trip round the home turf of literary icons and post war fashionistas.... Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia are still so fashionable and we follow this with a lovely coffee stop at  a marvellously unique secret place. 

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Deeds Not Words

 Walk in the footsteps of Emmeline Pankhurst, Charlotte Despard & many more who braved the consequences for emancipation.

2hr 30 tour with a stop for refreshments


Begins in St James Park tube (Petty France exit) . Ends at Embankment tube. Approx 3 miles

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Photograph Juliet Anson

Fleet Street Femmes!

Literary Queens and Mistresses who sought revenge!  This tour takes us from Westminster to through Fleet Street and the Inns to Holborn.

2.30 tour with a stop for refreshments


Begins at Temple tube finishes in Chancery Lane


Photograph Juliet Anson

 Brilliant Bermondsey women

Bermondsey, south of the river has had a history of unionism and patriotism and dissolution. Early 'stews' made way for factories with conditions beyond comprehension. Knowing that 'no one was coming for them' the women took up their own fight! The bosses were made to listen.


Begins and Ends at London Bridge Station.

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Square Mile Sisters!

Walk round an area famous for men and explode that glass ceiling with women firsts. This is the oldest part of the city with the newest buildings so the contrast is astounding.


Begins at St Pauls tube Ends at Bank

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