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There is a crack in everything

I woke this morning with the overriding need to clean up my house. It's been getting pretty chaotic and I feel ashamed to say a little grubby in parts. Anyone who knows me, can testify that is so not me. I started questioning whether it was as a result of the state of my current mind or whether it was causing that current mind. Got me thinking about shining the light in some of those places not cleaned in a while...

As I write this I am listening to Leonard Cohen's song Anthem. The wisdom of his words are quite breathtaking. This morning whilst talking to a new friend about the darkness that has helped cover the tracks of 'the killers in high places'. It became clear to me that there are cracks that will now let the light in and when that happens there may be disturbing results for all.

When you study media you are taught to identify the angle of the writer. It's a concept qualified Journalists know about but the everyday man and woman in the street is largely oblivious to. The power media holds over people is underpinned by the publics unfaltering loyalty to the belief that fundamentally we are governed by decent people. State broadcasters in some parts of the world have been seen as impartial bringers of truth. I must admit if I was talking to any of my Eastern bloc friends now they would spit their coffee out on hearing that statement. Of course for many Brits they would say 'that's over there, we are different' but the one way road we have been taken down in the last year is a worrying one.

Just in the same way that doctors are told to 'first do no harm' so too are journalists expected to provide 'impartiality and represent other views if there are any'. That is part of journalistic ethics. How can we honestly say that has been happening in the last year and a half? Even if you aren't 'given to conspiracy theories' (sic) you must admit the scales of balance have been skewed. We see media reports and articles where no alternative view is in evidence. That, if I might be so bold as to say, is the emergence of totalitarianism in all it's horrifying glory.

So back to the light getting in. We saw a crack when Epstein was jailed. But on the day Epstein's accomplice Ghislane Maxwell's trial starts our focus is directed to Kyle Rittenhouse and the abhorrent miscarriage of justice. Crafted to stoke the divisions again but also a wonderful job of diverting attention. Nothing must allow our focus to drift from this utterly horrifying web of darkness which is being uncovered. Only time will tell if high profile individuals including Royals will be convicted. I suspect our institutions which have harboured paedophiles and killers for literally hundreds of years will close ranks and protect their own.

The 'dove is bought and sold again' peace will always get in the way of a good war, the illusion of 'fighting for a cause' has seen many a young soldier die on the battlefield or return in utter despair. Pawns on a chessboard.

On Leonards call for action 'Ring the bells that can still ring'. Across the world as the light gets in those bells are ringing.....

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